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The importance of branding

The importance of branding

What, who and why? These are important questions to answer when developing your brand identity. A good brand needs to communicate your story clearly, as it will shape how customers think about you.

Branding needs to communicate your philosophy and story to evoke an emotional response that creates trust and loyalty. You want your customers to be your biggest followers, to use your business regularly and tell their friends to as well.

At Zoup, we would love to learn about you and your business. We ask lots of questions to learn your story, what inspires you, as well as how to position your brand by awareness of your competition and market. We are here to listen and give you the tools to express who you are and translate your vision into your brand.

Brand Storytelling: Telling the story of your brand is crucial to its success. How can you set yourself apart and form connections with potential clients? Sharing your story and the values your company bases your work on, are unique to you and essential to communicate.

Visual Identity: A big part of your branding involves the design of your logo, logotype or word mark. A great logo must visually communicate your personality, bringing together form with meaning, be unique, and be designed to endure. It is our job to think about how your logo will be used so that it will be recognizable at any size, in black and white or colour, and across all its applications.

Colours and palette: Colour is essential to brand recognition and creates personality and emotion. You probably know about the primary colours – blue, red and yellow, but there are many colours to choose from in a variety of tints, shades and tones that will establish the look you want to achieve. Colour palettes are groupings of colour combinations that your brand will use for extended graphics such as illustrations, graphs, charts, website and sub-brands. We will help you define a set of colours and include best methods for reproducing them across all media to ensure consistency.

Typography and Font Choice: Typography is an important brand decision as the typefaces chosen need to be flexible to use, legible, and ensure your identity program is sustainable. We will help determine the type families and describe best uses, so your communications have a consistent look. Fonts are often grouped into serifs and sans serifs. Serifs are commonly on traditional fonts such as Times New Roman. Examples of a sans serif are Helvetica or Arial. We recommend staying away from novelty fonts that don’t reproduce well, have limited weights, cuts and characters, or may become dated.

Conventional and New Media
A strong brand will guide your promotional strategy. Understanding your customers informs which avenues you use to advertise whether that is television, print media, radio or online.

Today, businesses must broaden their scope to include digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. From print to digital, at Zoup Creative we have the expertise to show you how to connect with your audience proficiently using current media tools and techniques.

If you are starting out with a new business or need to revitalize your brand, check out Our Work or reach out to us through our Contact Us page. At Zoup we will help make your ideas come to life.