ZOUP Creative Inc.


Project Sequence

Once you have decided to move forward with Zoup’s services, one of our project managers will touch base with you by phone or email to align on the upcoming steps. We generally recommend email communication since we handle multiple assignments at any given time – email allows us to capture information for reference and reduce the chance of misinterpretation.

Projects generally begin with an information gathering stage. We’ll want to understand your business, previous graphic or web designs, project goals, target market, competitors, the look and feel that you want to project.

With projects involving graphic design creation, one or several proofs are provided for review, usually in PDF format. Feedback is required, and then additional revisions are re-submitted for your approval.

We are a Mac-based studio and use all the latest graphics software, utilizing the program best suited to the task. Crucial note: We’re flexible – if you require or prefer us to use specific technology, please inform us prior to us beginning your project. We are glad to present the progress of your assignment as it moves forward.


Our goal is to make sure that you are totally happy with your project. Our quotes generally include three sets of revisions and any additional changes above this are billable at our hourly rate.

Delivery Files

Web development assignments are hosted at the web locale chosen by you. If you’d like, we can suggest recommended suppliers.


We utilize industry standard formats for our design pieces. ZOUP will provide files based on the most appropriate formats required for production.

In the case that no specific software for the project working files is requested, we will choose the most appropriate software for the project. We utilize all the latest graphics software.


Zoup will never take on responsibility for the use of any unauthorised copyrighted content/images supplied by the customer. At times, we utilise royalty-free stock photography in our design pieces. It is the responsibility of the client to abide by licensing restrictions. If third-party software is utilised, its copyright rules apply. We retain the right to present completed projects designed by ZOUP Creative in our own portfolio.

Privacy Policy

Here at ZOUP, we are constantly handling important information for assignments and organizations – we take your privacy very seriously. All correspondence including discussions, documents or statistics that you direct to us concerning your organization remains firmly confidential. We will never disclose, sell or utilize this data. Your information is only used to help us create your project.

Quoting And timelines

Our quotes are prepared based on your specific project needs. This approach produces a more accurate projection of pricing and time requirements. Quotes are normally available within two business days from the request.

Commercial Terms

Assignments for new customers may require a 50% deposit. Once the business relationship is established other payment terms can be negotiated. Thank you for your understanding.

For medium and large assignments, ZOUP can offer variable payment terms if required. We’re happy to discuss this with you.

Payment Methods

We accept:

  • INTERAC e-Transfers/Email payments
  • Cheques
  • Cash
  • Paypal


We put forth a lot of energy in order to continually improve the four elements that are are the foundation of our business: design skills, industry relevance, project costs and turnaround times. We recognize that every assignment, just as in everyday business transactions, is the result of quality, price and turnaround times.

It is nearly impossible to change one without affecting the others. As an analogy, if you desire a high-end, custom bathroom renovation, it will cost more than a modest renovation – and it will most likely take longer to complete the project. The identical philosophy comes into play with our creative services.

Our goal is to supply the best quality possible, at the same time be fairly priced, and reasonable with our turnaround times. Turnaround times are affected by the complexity of the project and could fluctuate based on current workload, which is common in the creative industry. We make every effort to meet your timelines and expectations.

Please be sure to express your expectations of the project in terms of turnaround time, calibre of deliverables and cost prior during the quoting and contract negotiation steps. We will put every effort into meeting all of your specific needs.

Effectiveness Guarantee

We give our best effort and stand behind our creative services! At ZOUP, we are detail oriented and make every effort to watch for typos with design assignments. We will happily perform minor tweaks at no additional cost to you. Revisions beyond 30 minutes or repeated changes may be billed at our hourly rate.

Reimbursement Policy

Down payments are only reimbursed 100% when assignments are terminated by ZOUP or by the client before work has commenced.

Hosting Platforms

For web development assignments, it is critical to make us aware if your assignment will require specific hosting specifications. We provide recommendations for top-notch Canadian hosting services, but if you have previously appointed a specific hosting platform, that may or may not meet the specifications required. If you presently have a hosting plan in place, please let us know before we start on your project.

Certain functions in our website builds – in particular ones connected to gateways and complex websites – will most likely demand hosting requirements that are not available from companies that only offer basic hosting services.